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The help desk is the best place to find answers to your questions - this page has been compromised of the most common questions. To find an answer to a question I recommend using the word search function (CTR+F or Command+F) and search the key term

The page is separated by Training, Nutrition, and membership questions.

*the list of questions are forever evolving, so keep returning for more information 


Do I have to complete every exercise in the session? - Your program is written in a certain sequence and with a certain purpose to stress certain muscles. Ideally, we want you to complete it in the order that it has been written in. There will be some situations where you can be flexible and change things around - you also may not have access to certain equipment. If you are strapped for time - just complete the most important exercises (compound exercises), these will provide you with the most benefit. 

Can I do half the session in the morning and the rest in the evening? - Like the previous answer, if you want to get the very best from your training, you should do it all in one go. Your training has been crafted in a particular way for a reason - each exercise has a purpose, and it all fits together. IF you break it up, then your body won't get the stimulus it needs. If the sessions are too long - please let us know in the weekly check-in and we can adjust the workouts! 

How do I pick the right weight? - In your training plan, it is likely that I put a set and rep range i.e 4x8-10 reps. If you are failing before 8 reps you need to lower the weight slightly. if you are completing 10 reps easily you need to increase the weight. You should be feeling a burn in those 8-10 reps, and it should feel like a real struggle. If you are completing the reps too easily, there is going to be no benefit. Once you have maxed out a rep range (you complete 10 reps easily for all 4 sets), then its time to increase the weight.

The workouts are too hard! - That’s good, it is supposed to be hard, if anything is ridiculously difficult, you can use the Alternative Exercise list that is located in the "documents" section on the app. Training is supposed to be difficult, but it should feel achievable. If you feel it is impossible - please leave it in your check-in and we can adjust things. 

Will I get bulky? (Ladies)NO, women take a lot longer than men to get bulky. Women do not have enough testosterone
in their body’s to pack on muscle as men do. Building muscle will help you look amazing!

My gym doesn't have that machine - any machine exercises I give you will likely be in most gyms unless you are training in a Crossfit box - it is very unlikely your gym won't have the majority of machines I suggest - if you are unsure, all you need to do is double-check with a member of staff on the gym floor. If a machine is broken/missing you can use the Alternative Exercise list that is located in the "documents" section on the app.

I am unsure about my technique - As we progress, I am going to give you harder workouts. If there is anything that you are not able to do from a technical standpoint, please prop your phone up and record yourself completing a set, then upload it to true coach. All you have to do is look for the camera icon in the comments section - once you send it in, I will give you some feedback during the week. 

How do I track my progress - After each exercise - just list the weight you did in the comments box. If you went up from last week, list the weight and then indicate the increase in weight. See image below

What if I miss a workout?:
It is okay to miss a workout, we all have lives, but I would suggest that you try and make it up
on one of your rest days. This will help you stay on track

Screenshot 2021-03-10 103942.png


What if I go over my calories?: Firstly, it is okay to go over your calories, but there is a difference between being over by 300, and being over by 50. If you go over by 200-300kcal then you may need to lower your calories for the following day. Alternatively, we just get over it and move on, and get it right the next day

I am not losing weight, are my calories too high?:
There is a possibility your calories are too high if your weight is not moving. But weight loss is
not a straight line, some weeks you go up, some weeks you go down. We should focus on
weight every 2/4 weeks.

How long does it take to lose weight? - To safely lose weight we recommend aiming for around 0.5kg a week (it varies for each person) - another way to view it is around 0.5-1% of bodyweight per week. So, if you are a 100kg man, you can aim to lose 1-0.5kg per week, as you can see here, the heavier you are, the quicker you can potentially lose weight (in proportion your height).


Can I have a cheat meal? - There is no such thing as a cheat meal. No food is inherently bad - if you quickly learn to manage calories you can still enjoy indulgent foods.

Can I drink alcohol? - Of course, but don’t be an idiot. Excessive drinking is going to ruin your calories and leave you feeling like crap the next day which is then going to lead you to binging excessively. If you can’t handle it, stay away from the drink. Alcohol is empty calories - you aren't giving your body any value any time you drink it, but we are social beings and culture has dictated what we do, so enjoy a drink - but don't be stupid, simple :) 

Do I have to track my foods? - Short answer; no, long answer; yes if you want to be successful. I like to teach flexible dieting - but in order to be a successful flexible dieter, you need to understand the calorie value of the foods you actually eat. I recommend tracking for the first 6-8 weeks of the program, then in the final 4 weeks attempt to use a flexible dieting approach - by this point you should have a much better understanding of your nutrition and how it works. Please recognise that if you choose to not track, your results will vary - humans are terrible at eyeballing our foods - we think we eat less than we actually do, you ever hear people say "I barely eat but I can't lose weight"- well they are lying. Humans inaccurately judge what they eat, sometimes by up to 600kcal difference. 

Myfitnesspal won't save - You don't need to press "complete diary" on myfitnesspal, it still saves everything you have eaten.

How do I even use myfitnesspal, I've never tracked before? - watch this 

Will I get bulky? (Ladies)NO, women take a lot longer than men to get bulky. Women do not have enough testosterone
in their body’s to pack on muscle as men do. Building muscle will help you look amazing!

Does my meal guide get updated? - No, the meal guide is just a rough framework to show you how you can eat the foods you like and still get in shape - it also shows you what macros and calories you should be aiming for. My goal is to allow you to successfully substitute any type of food you want and still achieve your goal. Extra nutrition support is provided in the Truecoach app where you can find recipes every single month - please look in the "documents" tab 

I am feeling really tired/hungry - if your goal is fat loss, there are definitely gonna be times where you face some mild hunger. My advice here is to evaluate your meals - are you getting enough fibre? Fibre comes from foods like fruit, brown bread, brown rice and wholegrain sources, oats, potatoes with skin etc - fibre keeps you satiated. The next thing is protein, are you getting enough protein? Not just protein shakes but hard food forms such as chicken, beef, eggs, and tofu? 

If you are excessively hungry all the time, then increase your calories by 100kcal on training days. 

If you are really tired all the time - apple the same steps above. But you also need to evaluate your sleeping periods...are you getting enough sleep at night? 

When should I have protein? - You can have protein whenever you want, unless you're an elite competitor protein timing doesn't matter as much. Personally, I would recommend having it right after a workout - but if you prefer to have it before then that's fine...If you head to the nutrition area I have a video about meal timing and weight loss, you might find that useful too!

How do I track my progress - After each exercise - just list the weight you did in the comments box. If you went up from last week, list the weight and then indicate the increase in weight. See image below


What happens if I miss a weekly check-in? - Nothing happens, we just repeat the same week of training again. If you complete the check-in late, you won't get any feedback until the following week. My advice would be to do the check-ins on time if you want adequate feedback, late check-ins result in inefficient results, and I want you to get the best results! 

I am going on holiday, can I pause payments?If you are going away, we can pause payments for 30 days, however, you won't have access to the app in that time. My advice is to train while on holiday, at a very low intensity! Just email the team and we can sort this out.

I need an in-person PT? - No problem! Before signing up we try to set some clear expectations in regards to the service. As long as you have completed your 3 month period, and you feel that you need an in-person PT we will not hold you back. It is usually a lot more expensive, and only a fraction of the value - but we are all different :)

How can I cancel? - Just send us an email, ideally we want to jump on a call with you so we can understand what has gone wrong and why you no longer feel like the service is useful for you. But as long as you have completed 3 months then there is nothing stopping you, we will even give you an exit strategy call so you can keep getting results!

I can't get in the Truecoach App - I have to make your profile - if you've just signed up then give it 24 hours and you should be up and running. Technical issues will happen from time to time, unfortunately I do not have the power to change that. If there is a persistent issue, flag it to me and I will email their developers. 

I can't access the member's area on the website - If this happens, please message me on telegram, it will be corrected within 24-48 hours. 

You have overcharged me! - If there are any payment issues please ping us a message on telegram - it will be rectified in 24-48 hours. 

Are there any rewards for a rereferral? - Yes! Whenever you refer someone and they successfully signup - you get a gift, there is not one set gift as we like to surprise you but the value will be from £25-50 :)